The best diet to combine with exercise


As many who follow a healthy, active lifestyle know – having a well-rounded diet alongside with routinely working out or exercising is the key to maintaining a healthy weight as well as just overall feeling/looking one’s best. In this article, the best weight loss diet with exercise will be looked at and discussed.

The Facts
The best weight loss diet to combine with exercise is one that is high in protein but low in sugar and somewhat in the middle in terms of the amount of carbs. The reason this is is because protein is what feeds the muscles after a hard weight lifting or cardio session and allows them to recover/grow while sugar will only hinder one’s weight loss as it will more than likely turn into fat. Furthermore, it’s important to consume a moderate amount of carbs, too low and one runs the risk of becoming too fatigued, too high and they will be stored as fat in the body.

In conclusion a good weight loss diet to combine with exercise will look something like this: fish, chicken breasts, whole grain foods, eggs, veggies and a plentiful amount of water. On the flip side, one should avoid processed foods such as chips, hamburgers and soda/pop.